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Why The Aluminium Composite Panel With PVDF Coated Is Better

Views: 13     Author: Chris Piao     Publish Time: 2017-08-03      Origin: Site Inquire

Aluminium composite panel discoloration, bleaching, mainly due to improper selection of plate. 

Aluminium panel is divided into indoor plate and outdoor board, the two kinds of sheet surface coating is different, determines the applicable different occasions. Indoor use of the plate, the surface of the general spray resin coating, this coating can not adapt to the outdoor natural environment, if used in the outdoors, will naturally accelerate its aging process, causing discoloration bleaching phenomenon. 

Outdoor ACP sheet surface coating is generally used anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet ability of strong fluorocarbon PVDF coating, this plate is expensive. Some construction units to deceive the owners to indoor use of sheet metal posing as anti-aging, corrosion-resistant high-quality fluorocarbon sheet, squeeze unreasonable profits, resulting in the use of the aluminium composite panel on the serious discoloration, bleaching phenomenon.

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