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What is the WALLTES aluminum composite panel material?

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What is the WALLTES  aluminum composite panel material?

Aluminum Material: curtain wall board with material properties should be consistent with GB / T3880.2 requirements of the 3 × × × series, 5 × × × series or better corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of other series of aluminum alloy. Aluminum should be cleaned and chemically pretreated to remove oil, dirt and loose layers that are naturally formed by contact with air and form a layer of chemical conversion film to facilitate aluminum and coating and Solid bonding of the core layer.


Coating: curtain wall coating material should be used weatherability excellent fluorocarbon resin, can also use other performance quite or more excellent material.

Note 1: Polyvinylidene fluoride fluorocarbon resin (PVDF), which is excellent in weatherability, is widely used. However, pure PVDF resin should not be directly coated on aluminum, and some other materials should be added as appropriate to change its coating Performance, which constitutes the so-called 70% fluorocarbon resin.

Note 2: 70% fluorocarbon resin, refers to the production of aluminum-plastic plate coating used in a variety of raw materials, PVDF resin raw materials accounted for 70%. As the paint is also a pigment and other components and fluorocarbon resin coating is usually a layer of non-fluorocarbon resin primer, so the total thickness of PVDF in the total coating of aluminum-plastic plate is about 25% to 45%.

Core material: Ordinary curtain wall board material used in the material properties should be consistent with GB11115, GB11116, GB / T15182 or other corresponding national or industry standards.

Note 1: The quality of the core material is closely related to the product quality of the aluminum-plastic plate. Poor quality waste plastics often contain a large number of harmful impurities and serious aging of the plastic, the quality of aluminum-plastic plate is extremely unfavorable.

Note 2: PVC is generally considered not suitable for use as a core material because it is easily decomposed at high temperatures to produce strong toxic and corrosive substances.

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