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Walltes Aluminum Composite Panel Advantage

Views: 4     Author: Lisa     Publish Time: 2017-07-31      Origin: Site Inquire

Dongguan Walltes Decorative Material Co.,Ltd has a long history since 1994. Why our Walltes company developed so long, focusing on product quality development, testing production. 

1.Real material  (Aluminum Metal Sheet thick will not cut corners, paint will not be filled with polyester fluorocarbon, PE/PVDF material will not be used repeatedly recycled)

2.Integrity management(Warranty 15 to 20 years, according to the warranty book underwriting)

3.We have a good processing capacity, all the accessories are matched  according to the amount of engineering calculation, saving customer's time and money, Not only training to install but also arraging technical staff to install in your country, we can these are decades of experience to be done Of things!

I believe that your company's development is also based on quality and the collective efforts of hard work, having the present prosperity! I really hope we can have astable and develpment cooperation! hoping your trust!

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