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WALLTES Proceedings Noticed During The Machining

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How to use Huaertai ACP Sheet Aluminium panel / Aluminium composite panel ?

1.Storage: panel must be stored in dry and breezy environments,placed on flat surface,do not trample and impact.

2.Porage: panel must be uplifted with its four borders at the same time during portage.

3.Notching:If notching with notching equipment or gong equipment,using milling cutter with halfround head≥90o.

4.Bending:forcing equably when bending,molding one-off,do not bend again and again.

5.Arcing maching:using professional bending,molding one-off.

6.Batch:the same type panels with different batches may have chromatic aberration.

7.Ripping film:the protective film should be ripped away within 45 days after installation.

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