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The Interesting Thing Is WALLTES Aluminium Composite Panel protection

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WALLTES Aluminium Composite Panel Warranty And Notice

1. Exposed under the normal condition, the surface coating of panel shall not desquamate, protrude and wrinkle; the panel shall not peel off. But the warranty doesn’t cover the tiny cracking and failure resulted in the improper process.

Please clean out the dust and dirt on the panel surface in advance and operate under the national standard, when having a test for the color change and luster difference of the coating.

2. The warranty covers the below conditions:

(1) The panel shall be installed and stored correctly in a dry and ventilated condition under 70℃, avoiding seeper on the surface.

(2) The panel shall be installed, stored and used strictly according to our company’s references. Pay attention not to hurt aluminium foil when notching and bending borders and leave 0.2mm~0.3mm thick PE core panel (That is our company’s special, important advice).

(3) Tear off the protective film within 45 days after installation. To guarantee the duration, interior panel should be installed indoor.

(4) Clean up the panel surface at least once a year according to the methods suggested by us.

(5) Before testing, pay attention not install panels with difference batches on a same plane, even if the panels are belonged to same color and same kind. 

3. The warranty doesn’t cover the below conditions:

(1) Exposed in the exceptional conditions, such as smoke, dust and other disasters, radialization, deleterious gas and chemical etc.

(2) Impacted factitiously, assembled incorrectly and other losses caused by improper usage.

(3) Wrong cleaning, storage, settlement, transportation, installation and other events which our company cannot control.

4. Customer shall check and accept the Aluminium panel in time and any claim should be submitted to us within 15 days after receipt of panels. Latent problem should be submitted immediately when discovering, but still within the expiration of the warranty period.

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