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The First ACP Factory -Walltes Aluminum Composite Panel & Aluminum Solid Panel

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Metal panels curtain wall applications have been a few decades of history, until now, including aluminum solid panel, aluminum composite panels and honey comb panels three kinds. About these three materials, aluminum solid panel and aluminum composite panel are most commonly used. The solid appeared at the earliest in sixty the late seventies and early seasons of aluminum-plastic composite panels invented in Germany and quickly popular around the world. Aluminum plate and aluminum sheet in the end what is the difference between, where I will do a simple comparison of these two materials:

Huaertai Aluminum Composite Panel、Aluminum Solid Panel.jpg

Walltes Material & Cost

Aluminum solid panel generally used 2-4mm thick AA1100 pure aluminum or AA3003 aluminum alloy plate domestic generally use 2.5mm thick AA3003 aluminum alloy plate aluminum-plastic composite panels generally use 3-4mm three-tier structure, including the upper and lower two 0.5mm sandwiched PVC or PE. We can see from the material, the cost of aluminum-plastic composite panels is certainly lower than the cost of aluminum solid panel!

Huaertai Aluminum Composite Panel、Aluminum Solid Panel、ACP Sheet、Aluminum panel.jpg

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