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Self-cleaning Nano aluminum composite panel/Dongguan walltes decorative material Co.,Ltd

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Nano-Photocatalysis Coating can decompose the pelagic microbe & flowing organic materials , so that can be to kill and restrain the microbe, clean the air and protect the virus infecting , also the Nano-Photocatalysis coating can be self-cleaning. So now the Nao-Photocatalysis coating become welcome and popular in the construction materials field.
  • Nano aluminum composite panel
  • 4MM*1220MM*2440MM*0.3MM

Self-cleaning Nano aluminum composite panel/Dongguan walltes decorative material Co.,Ltd


 Dongguan Walltes Decorative Materal Co.,Ltd was established in 1994,located in Guangdong Province Dongguan City,is the  first manufacture of Aluminium composite panel in China. Walltes had pass ISO9001,ISO4001,OHSMS28001,CTC certificate,  and had got many patents. The product with “HUAERTAI” brand pass the test of National Building Materials Test Center every  year, and pass the test of SGS in England and USA ,PCT test in Russia ,SIRIM test in Malaysia,the PSB fire-proof test in  Singapore. “HUAERTAI” aluminium composite panel has always been enjoying a fine honour, and has been received many  reputations, such as  BRAND,CHINA WELL-KNOWN TRADEMARK and THE FIRST MANUFACTUER OF ALUMINIUM  COMPOSITE PANEL IN CHINA.



Nanotechnology has started an industrial revolution in the 21st century. We can find its application in all aspects of our daily life. No wonder every industrialized country is persistently pursing Nanotechnology research. In 2000, American President Clinton announced a 2001 research project, investing 500 million US dollars into Nanotechnology. Scientists predict, by 2010, the market for Nanotechnology will be 14.4 trillion US dollars.


A Nanometer ( Abbreviation, Nano or NM ) is a unit of spatial measurement. Just like Inches, Feet and Miles,etc., A Nanometer is one billionth of a meter (1nm = 1 x 10-9m) or ( 1nm = 1/1,000,000,000 meter ) , which is equivalent to the length of ten hydrogen atoms. For comparison purposes, The average diameter of a human hair is 350, 000 nanometer, and the average diameter of a red blood cell is 7,500 nanometers. The size of bacteria is approximately 200 to 300 nanometers; a virus is around 100 nanometers. The DNA double helix structure in a cell is roughly 10 nanometers. A nucleic acid is at around 1 nanometer. A Nanometer-sized particle also is smaller than a living cell and can be seen only with the most powerful microscopes available today. Therefore, Nanotechnology was a part of biological changes when life began 300,000 years ago. It is commonly used in Nanotechnology.



1.Buildings outer-wall, curtain wall.

2.Redecoration of old buildings outer-wall. 

3.Balconies, installation units,indoor partitions . 


5. Inner-wall decorating panel, ceilings, advertisement signboard

6.Industrial usage, vehicle bodies


1.Quality Guarantee: 15 years

2.Super peeling strength

3.Excellent surface flatness and smoothness

4.Superior weather, corrosion, pollutant resistance

5.Even coating, various colors

6.Fireproof, excellent heat and sound insulation

7.Superior impact resistance

8.Lightweight and easy to process

9.Easy to maintain, self-clean



Exterior wall panels/Alucobonds price/ACM/Aluminum composite panel

Laboratory introduction: 

Exterior wall panels/Alucobonds price/ACM/Aluminum composite panel证书.png




Exterior wall panels/Alucobonds price/ACM/Aluminum composite panel


Exterior wall panels/Alucobonds price/ACM/Aluminum composite panel

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