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Processing Aluminium Composite Panel Using CNC Machine

Views: 5     Author: Chris Piao     Publish Time: 2017-07-31      Origin: Site Inquire

With the development of science and technology, the use of Aluminium composite panel is more and more widely. In addition to the curtain wall and interior decoration,aluminium composite panel can also be used for ceilings and light boxes(aluminium composite panel processing). The composition of the light box is very simple, ACP and acrylic.

After the production of aluminium composite panel, with CNC engraving machine carving, remove the burr, slotted bending, plastic acrylic board, and finally assembled.


1.Can be made in a variety of colors.

2.Can be multi-mode of light-emitting.

3.Environmental protection:have low light pollution or chemical pollution.

4.Energy saved:low in power consumption,great for energy saving.

5.Safty:low electric current output.

6.Payment terms:30%deposit and 70%balance after confirm pictures.

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