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Views: 11     Author: Kelly Zhang     Publish Time: 2017-07-28      Origin: Site Inquire

General speaking, the ACP sheet use for exterior and interior cladding wall, but now, more and more situation is to be used for the ceiling,banner and the Fence. 

How to make the ACP sheets and aluminum panels are of the decorative function? The answer is process before installation.

Huaertai Construction team will do relative adjust and give the professional suggestions base on the design drawing from our clients.Huaertai  If the design can be agreed by both parts, our construction team will start process, including bending、rolling、cutting、carving by laser machine and so on. That will save the process time in the site and save the labor cost for customers.Until now, we had finish the process ACP sheet projects more than 20 countries. With the development of technology, we trust the process ACP sheet will be more and more high potential in the future.

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