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HUAERTAI ACRYLIC PRODUCTION, Dongguan Walltes Decorative Material Co.,Ltd, owning the whole set thermoform 

equipments, producs all kinds of convex and concave acrylic words, light boxes, signs and so on. with the 

maximun plastic molding reach of 3000mm*2000mm*400mm, the wall thickness range from 1mm to 8mm. ACRYLIC PRODUCTION


The plastic words, which are colorful and durable, have a strong visual dffect. Acrylic plastic light boxes, 

with a strong sense of three dimensions, good transparence, pure and rich in colors, beautiful and elegant,

are durable, corrosion resistible, and environment friendly. Plastic products are widely applied in the field of

advertising industry, corporate promotional signs, as well as the beautification of urban building body.

The acrylic plastic signs produced by Walltes can be seen at the gas stations of Petrol China around the country.

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