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Five Reasons Why HUAERTAI is Great For Retail

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Five Reasons Why HUAERTAI is Great For Retail

As the leading supplier of aluminum composite material for some of the world’s largest and best known Corporate Identity Programs, HUAERTAI Materials is uniquely familiar with the distinct needs of retail branding.

We’re as colorful as your business.

HUAERTAI’s trusted color matching system allows you to establish your brand’s identity before customers walk in the door.HUAERTAI materials were used to create a facade in the brand’s signature green, with yellow and black accents. Even in a place as bright and busy as midtown Manhattan, this facade makes a statement.

We’re made for the modern world.

The sleek, bold look of HUAERTAI ACM brought this furniture store in suburban Ontario into the 21st century. Their new facade was so eye-catching that a business owner who happened to be passing by stopped office furniture!

We’re serious about sustainability.

HUAERTAI has a proven track record of helping customers attain MORE certification. Many of our materials are made of recycled material, with our PE core topping the list at over 50% recycled material. 

We’re proud of our products.

When designing and building community-defining projects like THE FAMOUS CONSTRUCTION, it’s crucial that the materials you choose are built to stand the test of time. HUAERTAI stands behind our products with strong warranties, which last an average of 10 and up to 24 years.   

We’re always here for you.

HUAERTAI’s team is second to none, with well over 100 combined years of experience helping customers like you. We think you’ll agree that our people are as impressive as our products.


Order your free samples today and find out why so many retail stores trust HUAERTAI to be the face of their business.

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