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Composite panel Use Standard

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1.Take care during loading and discharging, as well as transport, to avoid watering and scraping the aluminum surface.                                                     

2.The aluminum composite panel should be laid flat no matter during transport or storage. If side-laid, the panel should be vertical to the floor, panels should lean closely. The storage should be not more than 6 months.


3.Walltes could be sawing, cutting, slotting, bending, punching and painting. 

4.Slotting should use the "V" shaped and sharp blade. The width of the groove bottom should be 2.5-4mm, the rotating speed is 2000-3000/min and the groove speed is 3-5m/min. To avoid the aluminum panel peel off as meltting the adhesive while slotting, we should reserve 0.2-0.4mm polyester above the aluminum panel and reserve 20mm to the edge of the panels.

5. When we fold the Ibond, we should fold uniformly with once, do not fold repeatedly. 

6.If raining, do not fill silica-gel. 

7.When decorativing with globoidal panel, we should use the bending equipment, and the semidiameter of curvature is more than 20cm.


8.To avoid the color-difference, please install in accordance with the arrow in the direction of the installation. 

9.Don't tear protective film off before completion of the work in case of any scratch and abrasion to the panel surface before the project is finished. 

10.We suggest to tear it within 45 days after the project is finished. The panel will be not flat, if we use the resin or sclerous adhesive to install the indoor panel. It is better to use the splint or similar material for bottom board instead of direct adhere to the cement wall when installing. 

11.The measure of the framework equipment is not more than 600mm*600mm. The interior panel only used for the indoor decoration, not for the outdoor decoration.

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