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Aluminium composite panel Applications/Advantages/Standard Specificatiosn

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The application of the Aluminum composite panel
1,building exterior wall, curtain wall
2, Redecoration of the old buildings outer-wall.
3, balconies, installation unit, indoor compartment. 
4, panel, logo plate, display stand.
5, interior wall panels, ceilings, advertising signboard. 
6, industrial timber, vehicle bodies

The Advantages of aluminium composite panel
1. perfect weatherability, high strength , no special maintenance
2. Convenient construction,short working time.
3. Excellent machining ,heat insulation,sound insulation property and perfect fireproof performance.
4. High  plasticity,good impact resistance, quakeproof performance and reducing buildings load.
5.Good smoothingness, lightweight and rigid , beautiful and cheap.
6. Various Colors
7. Simple maching equipments,processing in spot.

Standard specification supplied of aluminium composite panel
1. Thickness:3mm, 4mm
2. Width:1220mm,1500mm,1550mm
3. Length: 2440mm(according to customers needs maximal length is 6 meters)

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