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Advantages of aluminium composite panel

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Advantages of aluminium composite panel 

  • Colourful

    Aluminium composite panel is Available in many standard colours (refer to colour chart for your colour choice). Customised colour is also available on request when a sample colour is provided.

  • Fire Classification

    The fire proof aluminium composite panel is composed by two aluminium sheets and non halogen fire resistance polyethylene core. The product meets the building A class and B class fire resistance required which are GB8625 B1.

  • Light and easy 

    Light weight, yet extremely rigid and flat. Saves 40% of weight compared to solid aluminium sheet. Fabricates and installation is easy, providing cost-efficiency advantage on supporting structure and fasteners.

  • Smooth surface

  The fire resistant aluminium composite panel provides superior and smooth surface, satisfying   the modern buildings with a perfect appearance.

  • Easy processing 

    Aluminium composite panel is easy to cut, slot, punch, and bend into circular shapes, rectangular and other shapes. It can also be designed to various modelling according to designs.

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